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Terms of Service

I. Terms and conditions applicable to the sale of Alfan Souq products.

This purchase agreement between Alfan Souq, S.A C.V. (hereinafter Alfan Souq) and the consumer, will be governed by these Terms and Conditions, which will be perfected once the price of the merchandise has been covered, accepted and recognized by the payment systems of Alfan Souq, which will be specified later and a

Once the payment is verified, Alfan Souq will deliver the products selected and paid by the consumer, at the address indicated by the consumer.

II. Age restrictions.

The sale can only be made by people who are 18 years of age or older, therefore people under 18 years of age may not make a sale, but through their father or legal guardian, or whoever holds the exercise of parental authority, custody and custody.

III. Purchase conditions for Alfan Souq products.

1. Consumers may only purchase products: (a) that are available for sale and whose details appear in the Alfan Souq online store; (b) products whose delivery can be made within the territory of the Mexican Republic by the courier company, (c) whose purpose is not their commercialization or profit by the consumer. The alienation for commercial purposes of products purchased outside the authorized channels may constitute a crime.


2. Details of the products available for purchase, including their corresponding price, are specified in the Alfan Souq online store of Mexico. Alfan Souq will take all necessary measures to ensure that all the details, descriptions and prices of the products that appear in the Alfan Souq online store of Mexico are correct.


3. The products listed in the Alfan Souq online store are offered in the quantities available, with the characteristics of materials, sizes and colors visible at the time of purchase.


4. To make a purchase, the consumer must enter the Alfan Souq online store of Mexico, on the site http://www.Alfan and select the product (s) they wish to buy, filling out the corresponding form, in which some personal information will be required, including an email to contact the consumer during the purchase process.

5. Products selected by the consumer will be included in the shopping cart / cart. At the end of the selection of products, the consumer must press the button "Go to the checkout" to access the order summary page where they can identify the price, description and quantity of the selected products or correct or modify their order .


6. At the end of the order summary page, the consumer must press the "Continue" button so that they can pay for the selected product or products and Alfan Souq can process the purchase and sale of their order, which can be done through the payment systems described in section “IV. Payment Modalities. ”


7. Once this procedure is finished, Alfan Souq will notify the consumer through an email indicated below, the confirmation of the order of the products.